jeudi 16 octobre 2014

Akbash Dog Origin

Akbash dog is the Turkish origin of Mamoru dog species. Although dog species names are meaning the "white head" in Turkish, and even view In another theory that whether does not Akkushu (Akkush = in Turkish with the meaning of "swan") was the bastardization.


In at least 1000 years ago in the old dog that was present as a species dog, It's have to relatives relationship with Maremma Sheepdog and Hungarian Kuvasz of Italy. Broadly speaking in Turkey, Kars Dog is in the south, Kangal dog and Anatolian Shepherd is in the middle, and though there are four kinds of protection dog species of Akbash dog of the western, in the place of origin it had been recognized as a dog species is independently from the original. However, they have been certified as an independent breed in Turkey abroad is a very recent and 1996.

As with other closely related species, the sheep of livestock had been used to protect from wolves and thieves. Because of the high intelligence and can act to decide whether or not to attack distinguish visitor and intruders. For this reason, in the important presence for the shepherd, when the two world wars happened or even hidden in the basement and warehouses, and bran protect from the ravages of war, such as by or evacuated together with my husband, and survive until today thing is I was able.

Currently breed club was established in addition to country of origin, save of strengthening and dog quality of protection has been carried out. Also, that the Akbash dog International Association in the United States, has been placed headquarters of the breed club of Akbash dog around the world.


Dog species belonging to the "white" Although it is difficult to discern in amateur have similar appearance, point to distinguish the Akbash dog is a point long legs and tail. In beefy, force strong. Ear in the lop-eared, tail is long and bushy saber-shaped hanging tail. Coat There are two types of and those of long long coat that was strained even moko, without hesitation was short of short coat. Coat color is only white. Withers height 71 ~ 80cm, in large dogs weighing 40 ~ 64kg, personality is calm there is a calm, rich in situation judgment. In addition, there is also very loving spoiled of one side a devoted and family. This means that the sheep of that and to be recognized as a family and grow along with the sheep from the time of the puppy by using, to cultivate as Mamoru to protect it from predators. However, too much love of family is too strong, family and it really is reluctant to leave, it is not good to be the answering machine in only one animal. Also, do not try to never move away from family during the mating and birth. Mamoru species as it is one of the most loving breed, it is suitable even for kept as pets. However, and training in order to keep the defense instinct and power, breeding unless can make long walks difficult. This species is susceptible to disease, and the like hip dysplasia and psychosomatic disorders.